FAMCS Open Contest 2019-2020 for BSUIR teams

  23.04 Thu 18:00
Team Registration

Registration guidelines

1. Each individual on the team is to register on the clist.by website. Upon registration he must submit personal information form.

2. Team captain must create a team by entering its name.

3. Other team members are required to join the team by selecting its name in the corresponding field.

4. Within an hour the team captain may accept or reject a participant's request for his addition to the team. After this time, the request for a members addition to the team must be sent again.

5. After a team is formed (requests from all the members are accepted) the captain registers the team for taking part in the competition.

6. Moreover, the captain can fill in the information about the coach or skip this stage if the team does not have one.

7. The team is registered!

The participants are kindly requested to provide reliable information. After checking the data a confirmation of a successful registration will be sent to e-mail within a few days.

If you have any questions, please contact support: acm.bsuir.by@gmail.com.

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Belarusian SUIR #2: Sobal, Valchok, Ropan bsu
Сегодня без Артёма: Mizeev, Popiol, Lesun bsu
Buzzer beater: Moiseenkov, Bokun, Budniak bsu
BSUIR_1: Stashkevich, Samoilik, Lagun bsu
ticket to 5-th term: Krivosheev, Piskun, Klebanov bsu
Виталя, прими лабу: Dukhounik, Butoma, Lashchenko bsu
BSUIR1.5: Еще не первые, но уже не вторые: Vishnevsky, Udovin, Shavel bsu
Byte: Kuznechik, Milinkevich, Adaska bsu
bsuir1: Shilyaev, Vistiazh, Rozhkov bsu

Vadim Vadimohka Vladymtsev in BSU_IR with 3 event(s)
BSU_IR: Vladymtsev new
FAMCS Open Contest 2019-2020 for BSUIR teams
[BSU+BSUIR] BSU_&_IR: Senatrev, Pivovar, Vladymtsev disqualified
X BSUIR Open Programming Championship
[BSUIR] Вадик, Владик и Голубь: Vladymtsev, Konovalov, Golubev disqualified
8th BSUIR Open Programming Championship