X BSUIR Open Programming Championship

  06.04 Mon 20:59
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Team Registration

To participate in the Championship teams need to be registered prior to 06.04.2020 incl.

Registration guidelines

1. Each individual on the team is to register on the clist.by website. Upon registration he must submit personal information form to take part in the BSUIR Open Programming Championship.

2. Team captain must create a team by entering its name.

3. Other team members are required to join the team by selecting its name in the corresponding field.

4. Within an hour the team captain may accept or reject a participant's request for his addition to the team. After this time, the request for a members' addition to the team must be sent again.

5. After a team is formed (requests from all the members are accepted) the captain registers the team for taking part in the competition.

6. Moreover, the captain can fill in the information about the coach or skip this stage if the team does not have one.

7. The team is registered!

The participants are kindly requested to provide reliable information. After checking the data a confirmation of a successful registration will be sent to e-mail within a few days.

If you have any questions, please contact support via email acm.bsuir.by@gmail.com or via telegram in chat.


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[BSU*] Гости из прошлого: Kolesau, Tolstsikau, Gritskevich final
Belarusian State University*, Belarus
Coach: Vladimir Kotov
[SPbSU] 25: Bykov, Petrov, Belichenko final
Saint Petersburg University, Russia
[PetrSU] ASDF: Inyushin, Potapova, Alshanin semifinal
[SB of TUIT] BestCoder: Makhmadiyorov semifinal
Samarkand Branch of Tashkent University of Information Technologies, Uzbekistan
[BSU] Mahou Shoujo: Tsitsianok, Sechko, Naradzetski semifinal
[SB of TUIT] samsu: Yusupov semifinal
Samarkand Branch of Tashkent University of Information Technologies, Uzbekistan
Coach: Ozodbek Ali
[MISiS] hollow team: Kondratova, Ulanov, Kleymenov semifinal
National University of Science and Technology MISiS, Russia
[TUIT+UB of TUIT] MathX: Baltabaev, Qodirov, Hasanov semifinal
Urganch Branch of Tashkent University of Information Technologies + Tashkent University of Information Technologies, Uzbekistan
[MISiS] ἰχώρ: Porvatov, Petrova semifinal
National University of Science and Technology MISiS, Russia
[KBTU] fanofZhora: Sabit semifinal
Kazakh-British Technical University, Kazakhstan
[BSTU] 2 be ||^ 2 be: Kishko, Sergeev, Skorodumov semifinal
Belarusian State Technological University, Belarus
[OSU] Зеленая Теорема: Kurynov, Alcoholik semifinal
Orenburg State University, Russia
[Perm SU] КотыПравятМиром: Yourchatov, Subbotin, Chelpanov semifinal
Perm State University, Russia
Coach: Michail Lizunov
[PAC] Granny&English-girl: Shpakouskaya, Varsak, Petrova semifinal
Academy of Public Administration, Belarus
[PAC] Воля-1613: Maksimovich, Chumak, Shpak semifinal
Academy of Public Administration, Belarus
Coach: Olga Maksimovich
[PES] jonumhills: S semifinal
People's Education Society University, India
[KBTU] KBTU #1: ZeroTwoHiro: Amanov, Aman, Zhusupov final
Kazakh-British Technical University, Kazakhstan
[KBTU+NU] Shodlick Palace: Mussayev, Amanov, Zhaxybay final
Kazakh-British Technical University + Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan
Coach: Askar Akshabayev
[LYC] Карелфорнийцы: Anokhov, Kiel qualification
МОУ "Университетский лицей" г. Петрозаводска, Russia
[DNU] Illusion Mages: Dyma, Zasko, Perepelytsia semifinal
Vasyl' Stus Donetsk National University, Ukraine

Vladimir CleverKek Panov from ULSTU in B-b-baka
Eugeniy CleverShadow Losev from ULSTU in B-b-baka
Yauheni Evgeniu364 Batvinnikau from BSUIR in KonecKonca
Ilya izigraim Vrublevsky from BSUIR in KonecKonca
Sachin orzorzorzu Patel from None in orzorzorzu
Timur timbyxty Davletshin from ITMO in saradip sahtra
Amir AS.82 Sabzi from None in Code is Love
Xiaoyu Miracle Sui from None in Blowing
Komron Komron Sultonov from TUIT in great success
MOHNISH AM_I_Learning Satidasani from None in ByteBlasters
Marcos Diablo Honorato from None in Imposto é Roubo
Abhisek cry_coder123 Mohanty from IITKgp in Caffeine_overflow
Павелъ pavel.gluhih Глухихъ from VSU in виртус про
Anthony twinpixxx Borushko from BSUIR in pathfinder
Aryan nayraweb Malguri from None in tako_bell
Raman Rommmmmka Kravets from BSUIR in постирония
Vladislav Vlad.polkhovsky polkhovsky from BSU in постирония
Arthur Arzumanyasha Arzumanyan from BSUIR in Pseudorandom number generator
Anton 1x1 Golenok from BSUIR in Naruto
Matvey Karmatkon Karpenkov from GYMN in От винта